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I don’t know a lot about the sport of American football, except that each possession each team gets four tries to advance the ball ten yards down the field, and the moment they accomplish ten yards, is the moment they get four more tries to advance the ball down the field. These ten yard advancements are called first downs. The goal is to get down the field to make a touchdown or get close enough to the goal to make a field goal, which is worth three points. The NFL players try a field goal if they think they are unable to make a touchdown. Each touch down is worth six points, and they are given the opportunity for one or two extra points after they have scored a touchdown by kicking it through the field goal for one point or running or catching the ball into the end zone area, which would be an extra two points. That’s about all I know about NFL football. I rarely watch it during the preseason or season, but most times I do make sure I watch the Superbowl, because that’s the American way, and since I’m American, that’s what I do. And not just that, it’s fun and exciting because you have two of the best teams going head to head, so you expect a great game. Not to mention, you have good eats by your side to make the experience even more exhilarating. I really don’t know that many players, due to the fact that I don’t watch American football faithfully every Sunday, but guess what? .. I know who JJ Watt is, and come to find out, he has some kicks named after him and they are with Reebok. Yes, JJ has made it onto the fashion scene. He has been a great and powerful sports figure through out the years. Someone who I admire. Actually, my first experience watching him play, I was in awe, and every since then I’ve had great respect for him as a dominating sports figure.

Well, lets get back to JJ’s shoes. They are called Reebok JJ III (Black/ White/ Hero Yellow). I love this colorway. I think it’s the best colorway out of all of them for these particular kicks. This is the kind of fashion I love. They are training shoes, but I would definitely rock them as everyday kicks. They come with an EVA foam mid sole, which Reebok’s site says it gives comfort to the feet that dwell within them (sounds like I’m talking about a home show, huh? Dwell?.. Well, I’m goofy like that, so get use to it. L.O.L.).

Well folks, I’m done with this blog post of some Reebok fashion, but I hope if there’s a woman out there that is reading this blog who doesn’t know the basics on how to play NFL football, well I hope this article has helped her out today so that she can enjoy the game with her significant other during NFL game play. Enjoyment in an event comes when you know a little of what’s going on while you’re partaking in it.

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