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Hello. Kyrsten is back in action, and has been itching to tell you something. Yes, I would like to tell you all that you need to stop wasting time on some of these earn money gaming apps.

Lately, I’ve been wanting a little extra cash, and have been playing games to earn money and gift cards. I started doing the math and it’s just not worth my time and effort to play them. At first, some of these games give you the illusion that you’re making money quickly to keep your interest, and then after you click on so many ads then they switch on you, and you start to make small amounts and then the creators of these apps then say you need to make $100 to cash out. I did the math, and it’s just not worth it to sit there and make small change for hours and hours. You might as well just get another job to supplement your income. When you click ads, you just make the developer rich. There’s nothing wrong with that, because creating apps is their job so they have to eat too, but if you’re trying to make money and win gift cards, you’re just wasting precious time you can never get back. Now, if your’re playing a game for leisure purposes then that’s different, but if you’re strapped for cash, just get a part-time job. But I will admit I do have one cash app I do play and it’s called Luckastic. I won’t spend hours and hours on it, but I do the scratch offs for a few minutes. And I also use the Slidejoy lockscreen app that allows you to earn cash and gift cards for allowing them to place ads on your lockscreen. I call that passive income, because you don’t have to waste anytime tending to it. Your points accumulate as long as you keep the app downloaded and ads enabled. 

Don’t let the ads for other games fool you. If they say you can get rich, and it has 100,000 downloads or more then chances are slim. Come on now people. And ads have people in them that hold up wads of cash to their ear with Cardi B playing in the background. It’s hilarious, and then they have this one ad advertising a game, and the actors are dining out and are unable to pay their tab then they grab their phone and start playing the game and instantly they are cashing out. Now when I seen that, I downloaded it, and it takes forever to cash out. Hours and I’ve never cashed out before. If it’s too good to be true then you know it’s phoney. They’re lying. Get a job or start a blog. Do something other than earn money apps to get money. Look at it this way… People complain about minimum wage jobs, but play these games and waste hours to get nothing or a few cents. That’s crazy! And these games are going to give you way less than what the minimum wage is. Just do the math.

That’s all I have to say regarding cash apps for today. Hope you come back for another blog post.

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