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According to NVIDIA, the PC is the largest gaming platform with 1.2 billion gamers world wide, but some of those gamers don’t have the best PC to keep up with the system requirements that these newer games require to work, meaning that games could freeze up, lag, and run extremely slow or not work at all, but thanks to cloud gaming or game streaming, gamers don’t really need to update their systems at all, so with cloud gaming being on the rise, then what other reasons would we need gaming computers. Well, some gamers that can afford them will get them, because they are extremely fast, for one. But Gaming PCs can be used for other tasks as well. Like typing letters or business plans on a word processor, creating brochures, surfing the net, visual art creation, and music production. You say why would I need a gaming PC to do all of that? Because like I said before, gaming PCs are extremely faster than your basic PC. When all these tasks are done using a gaming PC, life becomes so much easier, meaning you don’t have to wait around for 10 secs or more trying to go to another tab on your screen or to another part of your program, and you won’t have to worry about it freezing up because it doesn’t have an adequate amount of ram, a slow processor, or a weak GPU, which gaming PCs usually are known for the opposite. I don’t own a gaming PC, but I’ve tried one out in the store before, and I can tell you that I’m impressed and I’m sold and spoiled even though it’s the store’s PC. Since I’m spoiled, my next PC will be a gaming laptop PC.

I’m here to tell people who are not into gaming to consider a PC gaming laptop. Please get one, even if you have to save up and get one, do so. They always say, you get what you pay for. Non-gamers will be pleased, because their fast gaming computer system will last longer for them than it would for a hardcore gamer. Even people that are business minded or actually run a business need one asap. It will make your life so much easier and your PC will last even longer than a standard PC, because a non-gamer won’t usually use as much space, and using up lots of space makes the computer slower over time as well.

In my next computer, I would like it to have Max-Q design by NVIDIA. Usually, laptops with Max-Q are the thinnest, and I need thin.

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