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You know what? Do you really know what? I don’t really think you all do, so let me stop messing around, and tell you what’s up, and what’s on my mind. Well, I just would like to tell you all that I’m excited to be here on the scene, and I’m glad I’m able to talk to you all once again via my blog. Today I want to talk to you about the Pure Atlanta clothing store, but before I do, I want to explain to you how I do things on my site, because you might get frustrated with me by how I do certain things on my blog posts, so I want to explain to you why.

I’m going to tell you why I don’t link to specific clothing pages to online clothing retailer sites and why I don’t download pictures from their sites then upload them to my site. Usually, online retailers eventually take down clothing they’ve sold out of. With that being said, that messes up my SEO efforts to this site. Meaning I don’t want to spend too much time combing through my pages again to find dead links, because dead links devalue your pages’ worth in the search engines, but if I come across a site that talks about fashion in an article style kind of way then I’ll link to it, because usually most sites that write articles about clothing keep their pages up and active, because they are not selling anything. But if I find a YouTube of the items I mention then I’ll embed the YouTube link into my blog post as well. If I don’t, I’ll provide a link to the retailers front page, and then give you the style, product, or item number to copy and paste into the site’s search bar (only copy the number). Depending on your timing to this page, you may or may not find the items by putting the item number in the search bar. If they sell out of it, the item number might not be in the system. Also, I don’t take pictures from other sites to upload to my site unless I am granted permission, because I could get sued for copyright infringement.

Now, let me talk about Pure Atlanta. Well, it’s a clothing store that carries a ship load of urban fashions from multiple brands. Their brands are a little on the expensive side. I say this, because many of their tees cost over $100, so I bet you can imagine what their other articles of clothing costs. They sell clothing that famous rappers have mentioned in their songs like Versace, Moschino, Rockstar, and some other cool brands. They also sell some kicks that I like. They’re not your usual kicks like Adidas or Nike, so it’s something different, and it’s good to be different sometimes.

I would like to give you the description and style numbers to a few fashion pieces I like at Pure Atlanta. I’ve chosen to do a few Men’s tops I like, even though I like other types of clothing and styles on this site, especially their jean fashion, but since I’m strapped for time, I’ll make separate posts for other clothing items in the future when I try and introduce you to new stores and fashion brands. First off, I like the Men’s King Sweater by Royal Life (worn by Jaime Foxx in the Baby Driver Movie) Style#: SP15134R. I like the Men’s Long Sleeve Crewneck with Pocket by Billionaire Boys Club Style#: 891-9304H. I like the Love Moschino Sweatshirt by Moschino Style#: M 6 482 00 M 4010 0008. I like the Graphic 17 Core R SW L/S by G-Star Raw Style#: D12387-B161-9819. I know I said I was only going to list tops, but I have to throw in one pair of kicks that caught my eye from Pure Atlanta. They are the Men’s Bally Hedern Sneakers by Bally Style#: 6231578.

This is all I have for you right now, but I suggest that you explore the Pure Atlanta clothing store to find more clothes that you would like to wear.

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