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Hey it’s Kyrsten back with you again! Here to give you more fashion. First off, I’m not a Bape customer, but I love to write about Bape, because it’s a brand that intrigues me simply because people will purchase the smallest item which has a hefty price tag. Bape has people actually buying ashtrays for $45 and they’re sold out! They’re dope though, but I could never see myself buying one of those for myself unless the resell value is out of the roof.

Well, anyway OVO has teamed up with Bape and has some pretty cool items for sell. For those of you that don’t know what OVO is, it’s Drake’s brand which stands for October’s Very Own. Drake is one of hip hop’s mega stars who has created music for sometime now, and now he’s doing a collaboration with Bape. I’m not sure if this is his first with Bape, but I will tell you what their October 2020 collaboration consists of. 

This fall OVO and Bape have teamed up to give you an iPhone 11 Pro case, a keychain, and some vinyl tape. I love the case. It’s the typical Bape camo with Drake’s owl on it. The $25 Keychain is nice too and has sold out. I’m so amazed that people will pay $25 for a keychain, but when you have a music star like Drake in the mix and another star brand, Bape, then it makes people spend money. I wish I had it like Drake and Bape. Just release a product under my name and it sells like hot cakes, but it’s not happening right now, but I admire the people behind these two brands, because they have worked very hard to build and maintain these brands. I stay hooked on the Bape fashion Brand, because all the young people love it and can’t get enough of it. I write about young things because I would like to stay young and vibrant, but unfortunately I will get old like every single person that pops out of their mother’s womb.

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