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Many people love fashion and putting fashion pieces together that match their personalities. Clothing and accessories are part of everyday life, of course. If an individual walked outside without any clothing, the police would surely cart that person away in a paddy wagon and throw away the key, and more than likely they would send them to the insane asylum. No, I’m just kidding. They might just charge them with indecent exposure. There is one brand that I would like to talk to you all about today and it’s called 9five which is a fashion brand headquartered in San Diego, California.¬†

Many people love to keep up with the stars by knowing almost everything about them. Information such as who are they dating and who they have dated in the past, their birthday, their stat sheet, their number one hits, where they live, and so on. People also can’t get enough of fashion, so when you put fashion and celebrities together then that creates trends for the general public. People always want to know what their favorite stars are wearing and want to wear the same exact thing. Well guess what? A whole slew of A-list celebrities wear 9five eyewear and clothing apparel. I’m going to name a few celebrities but not all.

Celebrities that have been spotted wearing 9five:

Chris Brown

Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd

Big K.R.I.T.

Rick Ross 

Kyrie Irving

Desean Jackson

Marshawn Lynch

Kid Cudi

Lil Wayne

Also, before I leave I want to let you all know that 9five is also able to make very fashionable prescription eye wear for you. And also, another thing before I leave, I’m going to tell you which eye wear frames I love that are available on the 9five site right now in October 2020.

The frames I’m digging in the prescription area of the site:




Del Rey


Tips LX

They have sunglasses and clear lens eye wear as well, but I’m not about to prolong this article, because I want you to run to their website asap so you can take a look around to see all their amazing fashion accessories.

Hope you come back soon to check out my new posts. I’ll see you all later.

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