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I’m here! Back at it again! Trying to let you know my style, and hey, you might like the same things I like, so keep reading what I have to say and take notes. Write down the style descriptions I mention, then type them in the search engine and see if they’re something you like as well.

I’m not really a fashionista, but at times I enjoy looking around to see what’s available, and even what’s not. Like I said in a previous post, I’m extremely visual. I just like to look at fashion that I think looks pleasing to my eye.

Sprayground is a brand I came across on a site which I’ve forgotten, but anyway I liked a few bags they had. Sprayground specializes in making backpacks, and they also make other type of fashion goods as well. I think I’m too old for many of their fashion products, but they do have some I think that would be on the adult side, but that’s every so often. Even the kid bags catch my eye, because they’re art, but like I said before, I wouldn’t wear the backpacks for kids. But there is one piece I would get right now if it were not sold out. It’s the Henny Savvy Crossbody fanny pack bag. Usually, to find older style models by Sprayground you must search the net. One place I go is Mercari to find older Sprayground fashions. I know Sprayground kind of resembles Bape with the shark mouth, but I have no clue if they are parent companies, but Sprayground fashion is a lot cheaper than Bape fashion. Here are some 2020 Sprayground styles that I like:

2020 Sprayground Styles

Torpedo Shark (Camo) Backpack
Damage Control Backpack
Winners Take All Backpack
Spongdoodle Bob Backpack
Color Wave Pouch
Henny Savvy Crossbody Bag Sharknautics (Camo) 29.5″ Luggage

To purchase Sprayground merchandise go to:



Beyond Hype

If you want to know about a shoe that has caught my eye then check out the Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard” kicks. I just like to look at them as collection pieces. Also, same goes for Nike Adaptive Fit. There were only 89 pairs made of these shoes, so they are definitely a collectors item. And these were the shoes worn in Back To The Future before they were released to the public many years later. If you want to get your hands on past releases then head on over to StockX.

Nike Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”

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