Lebron James
Nike Lebron 17 Graffiti Fire Red and Graffiti Cold Blue

It’s been seventeen years, and LeBron James just keeps on going like that bunny that loves to hit that drum on that commercial. I know you all know who I’m talking about. I believe when it’s all said and done, when he retires not due to injury, the league and everyone else will for sure crown him the King of all-time of the NBA sports league. He has my blessing and my respect over here. He is in his 30’s and has accomplished so much. If you don’t respect his drive and will power then you must be a hater. If you’re not one that keeps up with LeBron or even on an occasional basis, then all you have to do is look at this man’s stats or view his Wikipedia page to know he’s near to becoming the true King of the NBA sports league, if not already.

Nike Lebron Soldier 11 Safari’s

Before I start talking about LeBron’s recent artistic assists that are due to be released on July 28, 2020, let me list some past LeBron kicks and colorways that I love so dearly:

Nike LeBron III (Black / White / Varscity Crimson)
Nike LeBron III (Black Crimson)
Nike LeBron XIII (Blackout)
Nike LeBron Soldier Zoom 11 (Safari)
Nike LeBron Soldier Zoom 11 (Camo)
Nike LeBron Soldier 13 (Voltage Purple)
Nike LeBron Soldier 13 (Thunder grey / Bright Crimson – Electric Green)

Now introducing you to LeBron’s artistic assists for those two things attached to the bottom of your legs that you use to walk with everyday. These are kicks I would not wear, but collect if I had the money to purchase them on July 28th. These releases are inspired by the NYC street art scene. Drum roll.. Let me present to you the Lebron 17 Graffiti Fire Red and the LeBron 17 Graffiti Cold Blue sneakers.

Not only can LeBron throw artistic assists in a game, but he also throws them via his kicks. Can’t wait for his next shoes to come out. I’m itching to know what the 18’s look like right now.

That’s all I have for you all right now.. Smile! It will be okay punkin.

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