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There is nothing more satisfying than eating a nice hot meal with an ice cold sugary drink. It’s all about that savory and sweet with me. Your girl can eat all day long, but I’m going to cut back, because I’m supposed to be losing weight and haven’t started back up doing that again. I’ll get to it, so just be patient because I’m supposed to be setting an example, because I’m also blogging about weight loss. I’ll still eat but do things in moderation.

I’ve had Italian food before that was by real Italians, but I forgot what the establishments were called. When I say Italian I’m not talking about Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza. But I still do love Dominos and Donatos though, even though I think they are American food companies. The reason why I have forgotten the Italian restaurants I’ve been to is because they had Italian names, so when your native tongue is English, Italian names can be hard to remember.

I would love to travel to Italy and go to a few top notch Italian eateries. I want to feel like I’m cultured. I love learning about different cultures and how people that are different than me live. I’m about to list some Italian food spots that you could go to as you travel around Italy for your vacation. I’ll list pizzeria articles since that’s what I know the Italians are best known for even though they do specialize in other cuisines. When you think of Italy the first thing that comes to my mind is pizza, so pizzerias it is.

Just check out this Food & Wine Magazine article that is titled 20 Pizzas In Italy To Eat Before You Die. If you’re American and can’t make it to Italy and you want to visit somewhere closer to home, then try New York for Italian pizza. New York has an area called Little Italy. Here’s an an article titled 6 of New York City’s Most Authentic Little Italy Restaurants by Travel And Leisure Magazine. It not only lists Italian spots that serve pizzas, but other types of Italian cuisines as well.

I hope this article helps you have a great travel experience whether you’re traveling to Italy or Little Italy in New York.

I’m done talking. I’ll be back like my man Arnold says, so sit tight. I got more coming your way. Well, you don’t have to sit, because I know you all have other things to do. What I’m trying to say is just come back to visit me soon, alright.

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