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Can you believe I’ve never had a pair of Vapormax. As much as I love shoes, you would think I would have gotten some of these kicks last year or the year before. And you’re really not going to believe the next thing I’m about to tell you. I’ve never in my life owned a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. At times, I use to get kicks that weren’t the hype. I use to wear shoes that I’d never seen on another person in person, but sometimes I did wear hyped up kicks though, I’m not going to lie.

I know in the past I’ve stated that I wouldn’t wear some shoes, because I wanted them as collectors items and not for fashion, but with the Air Vapormax 2020 flyknits, I would like to wear these bad boys on my feet, and walk down the street, and yell out “I’m grown now! You can’t tell me nothing!”. Especially the Pure Platinum colorway, I need those. They will also make me more feminine, and will suit me well since I’m in my thirties. These are the kind of kicks that grown people wear to grocery shop, among other events. I like Jordans and other sneakers like them, but I can’t always wear those, because I have to be on my grown woman, and be with that grown woman fashion. I have to grow up sometimes, but you better believe I’ll wear some Jay’s occasionally. I probably won’t ever be able to buy the Pure Platinum colorway, but maybe buy a new colorway that will come out in a few more years. And I’ve never had shoes that were Flyknit either.

Speaking of looking grown, I need to really act grown, because right now I’m a big old kid. I skip nutritious meals and eat candy and chips, and that’s one of the most irresponsible things that I have done to myself. I have to get in the grown mindset, and do the things I must do even though I don’t want to do them. I can’t let life beat me down, and continue to let myself go. And I can’t continue to be dependent on another person. I’m getting too old to be stuck in teenage mode. Not only do I want to look grown by rocking the Vapormax 2020 Flyknit Pure Platinums, but I also want to be about that grown life. Kicks don’t make the man, they just make man look good.

Make sure you head on over to to see if they currently have the Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit Pure Platinum kicks available for purchase.

I wish you all peace, love, happiness, and great fashion sense. I’m gone!

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