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Present! … I know I haven’t been present for some time now so sock me in the eye, because I did say I was going to make one blog post per week. I got caught up in other things and just went ghost, but I’m back now so after you all sock me, you all can give me a hug welcoming me back. Disregard what I said previously about doing one blog post per week. I’ll just say at least one per month and maybe more. We’ll see.

No, I will not make another blog post about Japan like I said I would. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japan from all the websites I’ve gathered information from that’s about it, but it’s time to move on to other subject matters. I’m going to stop saying I’m going to do stuff and don’t do it. That’s so shameful, but I’ll get better.

Let me update you on my diet. I’m failing badly. I lost about 3lbs at first then gained it back, and a few pounds more. Forgive me for being a bad influence on those that are trying to shed some pounds. I might not be doing well with it now, but I know I’ll eventually get there and I will continue to keep you all updated about what I’ve lost so I can be of some encouragement for others that are trying to lose as well.

I’ve added an online directory to my blog so if you have a business or website and you need a backlink then email me and I will add your link. To get to my directory, just go to the top of this page and click the three line white tab at the top and click “online directory”. There you will find the directory, of course, as well as my email address. My directory has categories and subcategories such as travel, travel blogs, shopping, Internet, and more. If there is a category not listed that your site fits in, then please shoot me an email to suggest a category. I do not accept any porn sites or sites that participate in illegal activity. Once again, if you need SEO services, then visit my online directory.

I have not been paid to mention anything above this text unless it’s indicated that it’s ads.

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