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Yes, Kyrsten strongly believes Juneteenth should be a national holiday. It’s disrespectful because it’s still not. People were stripped of their dignity and were killed on slave ships because of unsanitary and cramped conditions and in other ways. African American slaves were forced to labor for free and treated very inhumanely for over 230 years for this country, so how is this not a national holiday already? How is it not? It should be, because they should be celebrating African American contributions to the US after completely abolishing slavery on June 19, 1865. If they hadn’t abolished slavery, maybe the things and ideas created by African Americans never would have come into fruition that are now everyday conveniences for many people around the world. Alexander Miles invented automatic elevator doors. Frederick McKinley invented refrigerated trucks. Garrett Morgan invented the three-light traffic light and gas mask, so why isn’t Juneteenth a national holiday? Yes, other races have invented great things as well, but if they hadn’t abolished slavery then the world would miss out on what people of African descent had to offer and what we have to offer today. So yes, I think it’s disrespectful to not acknowledge Juneteenth as a national holiday, because blacks are humans and deserve to be treated as such.

In today’s times, African Americans and people of African descent are still getting treated inhumanely, but it isn’t called slavery. The racists like to mess with us through discrimination, subliminals, and violence. Denying us justice for so many things. Not being fair. Usually, we do hard time and other races get slaps on the wrists for the same crimes we commit. I’m not saying I condone crime, but they treat us inhumanely because they usually deny us fairness among other things.

When Covid 19 hit, African Americans saw the true colors of many people in the States. Several racists showed us who they were. During the Coronavirus, a number of black people were unjustifiably killed by cops and other citizens. White supremacists started looting and setting things on fire to make it seem like it was African Americans trying to be unruly. Some jobs won’t even let people promote BLM on their face masks or tees, because they say it’s too political. We are out here being unjustifiably killed, but it’s too political? It’s war when it comes to black people. Also, during Covid 19 the Chinese pointed the finger at blacks to say that we started this disease and have no proof, but why us, and not another race. It’s always the blacks. Yes, Chinese Americans are victims of racism during Covid 19, but let me tell you, I haven’t been angry at them or lashed out at them for Covid 19. They are not in China. They live in America so how is this Chinese America’s fault?

I’m all for Black Lives Matter, because we seem to get most of the hate, but I’m also for All Lives Matter because nobody should be treated badly or unfairly because of their race. Nobody. We all are one. We all are of the human race.

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