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Just to let you all know, I am far from a girly girl. When I made that part of my title for this post, I meant just girl but I just like saying girly girl better so never be confused because I am fasho nuff a tomboy.

Today, I will discuss what I been doing lately, much like what my future posts will be like. Today I did something other than the usual for me. I made a salad and it was great. Usually I eat a couple of things. Really, I have no variety in what I eat. Mostly, I eat Shitake mushrooms with garlic and olive oil or tomatoes with red onions, garlic, and olive oil. I’m glad I was able to switch it up today because doing the same ol same ol gets old real quick. I’m not what you would call a good cook but the salad I made today was bomb. It had romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, boiled eggs, croutons, dried onions, ham, sunflower seeds, shredded cheese and ranch dressing. I loaded plenty of sunflower seeds on top and I used a new type of ranch I’ve never used before. The dressing was Olive Garden Parmesan Ranch and it was pretty good. Usually, I’m picky with my ranch and don’t like many types of ranch that are available at my local grocery stores but this Olive Garden one I can work with. By the way, I’m not being paid to review Olive Garden’s Parmesan Ranch dressing. Also, if you want to know something else about me regarding salads, I love Ceasar salads too.

Let me talk games right now. I downloaded this gaming app called Hago a few weeks back but it doesn’t really work like it used to when I had downloaded it a year ago. The funny thing about this app is that it leaves you these little flirty messages in your notifications at the top of your phone. To me, that’s super weird. I think it’s the app’s bots cause I don’t know these women and it be the same two women all day long flirting with you. It’s super weird but its funny. It’s a gaming app that flirts with you.. okay! Another one I have downloaded is Plato. I love it because it has games I love. It has “Ocho” which is like Uno, Sea Battle which is like Battle Ship, Pool, and 4 In A Row which is like Connect Four, and it has a whole slew of other games as well. If you like to play cards it has Poker, Gin Rummy, Spades, Big Two (Pusoy Dos), Hearts, Euchre, and Baloot. When it comes to cards, my name is big dummy. Just try these apps out if you haven’t already. Maybe Hago doesn’t work on my phone because my phone is old so if you have a newer phone or a phone with quite a few bells and whistles then maybe Hago will work for you but Plato is mostly what I use to play games and also it’s a social app as well and has chat rooms and you can play against people around the world.

Well, this is it for this blog post. Make sure you come back soon!

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