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Hey, I’m Kyrsten and this is my blog. Aka my diary. I’m that girl that you look at and say “please, can you hush for one moment”. So since I’m a long winded individual, I’ve decided to write what I have to say on the net so I won’t bog anyone down in person. I’m letting you choose when you want to hear from me. I was just kidding when I said I talk too much in person. Not really, but when I write I notice I have lots to say at times about what’s going on with me and sharing other informative information about other topics.

I have time to blog because I’m kind of like a baby whose moma and daddy gives them everything. I’m not a trust fund baby but I’m kind of like a trust fund baby. I just sit around all day and collect a check I haven’t earned. I’m not saying that all trust fund babies are like that. I’m not saying all of them don’t have jobs. I’m trying to say I’m like some trust fund babies, but no I’m not a trust fund baby. I wish I were one though. That would be the greatest thing in the world. Not really. Actually, God, then human connection, then money. That is, to me. I don’t know about what’s more important to you all though. My goal is to eventually get off my government issued check so I can support myself. I’m on it because people say I’m kind of off in the head. A bit crazy. Nutzo. Insane in the membrane.




Also, since I’m of the paranoid type of crazy, you’ll never see a picture or video of me posted on this site ever in your life so never count on that happening. I always feel like someone is trying to kill me and/or sabotage my progress. That’s my illness that one day I hope to overcome. I know the people that are reading this are saying bummer but it has to be bummer because that’s how it’s going to be. I sincerely apologize for that because I know most people are visual and would like to see whose talking to them but what you can do is imagine an image of however you want me to look and there you go. You can see whose talking to you. You just have to use your imagination. I’m 5’3″, brown skin black girl, baby face, and a little plumpety plump plump, medium girls in the front, and flat in the back. There, I gave you something to work with if you would like to come a little close to what I might look like. There’s nothing wrong with being a big girl but I’m planning on losing weight because most of my life I’ve been of the slender type and since that’s what I’m use to, that’s how I would like to be again, skinny with no curves.

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