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It’s time for me to get healthier. It’s time I put my foot down and do it. Since I’m writing about eating better and losing weight in this blog post, it will help me stick to the program. But I will say I will pig out tonight before I start consuming two calories a day starting tomorrow.. Just kidding. Never just two calories because anything considerably less than the recommended daily calories that need to be consumed can be unhealthy for a person as well.

Eating right and weight loss are hard things to do but I must do them and somehow motivate myself to get them done. I suffer from an insatiable appetite. But you know what, I will tame that beast. I will do that for sure. I’ve heard that processed foods have things put into them that make people have this raging hunger, so I know that I have to eat very little or none at all. For awhile I have to ignore my appetite until it’s hormones calm down. Yes, my appetite reminds me of a dedicated sex worker who takes pride in what they do. It’s going to take a lot of energy to curb that thang but it will get done because now it’s written so now I have to do it, for real. If you are having problems resisting all these bad foods, then do this program with me. We can do this together and I’ll post my progress on other blog posts, and others that are struggling with food and weight loss can comment below or email me.

There’s people out here that die early because they fail to consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables. It’s a shame, but I think some of us are in denial and think we’re invincible, and others know it will kill them, but the food is like ecstasy so it’s hard to stop. People in the United States are taught very early on the importance of fruits and vegetables, but lots of us don’t take heed. We have to stop thinking we invincible and think about being here as long as possible for our families that love us and need us. People are dying young because of poor dieting. Even when I was skinny, I was headed and near my death bed due to a poor diet. The only reason why I hadn’t blown up for a long time was because my metabolism was Autobahn ready at all times, then when I started taking meds is when I got bigger, so what I’m trying to say is.. you can be a stick figure and die from eating the wrong foods excessively and not eating enough of the right foods.

Last thing before I hang this post up.. the same way you force yourself to eat right is the same way you’ll have to force yourself to exercise. It takes lots of energy to force anything. Just do it! What does that sound like. In 6 months we will be getting some endorsements, I guess.. at the rate I’m talking.

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