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Never thought there would be a time when the minimum that you could pay for a stock would be $1. You can actually buy fractions of traditional stocks, just like you can with cryptocurrency. That’s amazing, so if you’ve never had the money to invest in the stock market now you can with just a buck towards any stock that’s available in the money apps that provide that service.

There are three of these money apps that I know of that allow you to buy fractions of stocks or will allow you to in the future. Cash App, Stash, and Robinhood. Cash App is what I have, and it has a whole slew of stocks that you can pick from. Yes, Amazon is available too. Also, with Cash App they can provide you with a Visa debit card and they allow direct deposit along with being able to buy Bitcoin too. For now, Cash App doesn’t let you buy any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. If your friends and family sign up to Cash App along with yourself, you can send and receive money to them for free unless you open up a business account which will charge you a 2.75% fee to receive money. I’m not sure if Cash App is covered by FDIC, but I use it for small amounts anyway. I won’t talk much about the Stash app because I’ve never used it, and for now the Robinhood app has a waiting list to buy fractions of stocks.

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