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Hey! It’s me again. Here to talk to you about a game I’ve been wanting to play for the longest but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I just need to get away from reality and have a little fun sometimes. I’m not really into gaming but I’m thinking about becoming a PC and XBox Series X gamer, but the game I want to try isn’t on either one, I don’t believe. Maybe for PC.. It’s a game that you can play on your mobile phone, and you can play it offline so that’s a treat! This game, which you can download from the Google Play Store, allows you to explore different islands and build multiple cities, not just one. In the description it says you’ll always have something to do. I bet, because if you’re managing more than one city, I know that would make anyone a really busy person. Let me stop running my trap and tell you which game I’m speaking of because I know you’re the one that’s itching to know now. Well.. it’s called City Island 5 and this mobile app is by Sparkling Society. Go play it now and see what it’s all about, because I know I’m about to after I complete this sentence.

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