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It’s me again.. How are you? If you want to know how I am, I can’t tell you because I really don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m trying to stay out of trouble and be sane so I can continue blogging whenever I possibly can. I think that if I start doing more gaming or work part time gaming approx 30 hours a week, I could stay out of trouble and gain a little more sanity because being trapped in my thoughts constantly is not really good for my mental health. I need to enjoy life more and stop being a prisoner to my racing mind.

Android has games in the Play Store that are played on PC, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4. I want to get me an Android video game controller and play some of these games that are on popular consoles on my Android, but I still do plan on getting an XBox Series X console later on this year if it’s still set to be released this year and if XBox Game Pass is available on the new console, I’ll definitely try it out, because it comes with a ton a games in the monthly subscription price. And FYI, XBox Game Pass has PC subscriptions as well. Now back to android gaming. There’s games that are also not on the popular consoles that I would like to play on Android so I will list them, and then after I list them, I’ll list some android gaming controllers I might consider getting as well. Don’t laugh at my game selection because I’m new to this. I played a lot in the 90s, but I still wasn’t all that good. I mostly played Virtual Tennis, NBA 2K, and NFL 2K on Dreamcast, and before that I had a Nintendo, I think the first Nintendo that had duck hunt. But anyway, here’s the games in the Play Store I would like to try after I get an Android controller:

Rebel Racing

CSR Racing 2


Suzy Cube

3D Tennis

Android Controllers:

Bluetooth Telescopic Game Controller Gamepad iOS Android Mobile Gaming Wireless Controller

Rayuwen Wireless Game Controller Portable Mobile Gaming Phone Joystick Move Controller for Android iOS

HUIIT Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller Gaming Joystick for Android/iOS Tablet PC Smartphone TV Box, Black

WANGOFUN Gaming Controller, Wireless Gamepads with Extendable Arm Support PC Android Phone TV Box Portable Gaming Joystick

ipega PG-9087 Bluetooth Android Gamepad Wireless Gamepad PC Joypad Game Controller Joystick for PUBG Mobile Gaming

Also, I would like to talk to you about cloud gaming, which has become very popular lately in mainstream and independent gaming. Cloud gaming allows users to play games usually on PC and sometimes on Android, and TV without having to download the game to play it, which allows users to keep tons of space on their devices. It’s in the cloud of the service provider, so that means the customer doesn’t have to frequently update their devices to play these games. Basically cloud gaming is game streaming. Now, I’m about to list some sites that have to do with cloud gaming or sites similar to it:

Google Stadia

Playstation Now

GeForce Now



And before I leave, I would just like to tell you that I will not be gaming 30 hours a week, but maybe a couple. I have to get other things done. Sometimes I just like to mess with people a lot by saying odd things. Well, it’s not odd when you’re a professional gamer, but I don’t plan on being one so there’s no way that I should be playing games those amount of hours. No way.

Alright folks, I’m done for today!

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