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At times, are you bored and have nothing to do? Well, if the answer is yes, then you need to go to the app store and find a dispensary game. Dispensary games can be fun if you have a green thumb and love to nurture something until it matures. That’s therapeutic, and I bet owning a virtual dispensary or weed farm would cure some of that boredom you have as well. 

Before I get into these games, I would like to explain something to you all. I just would like to clear some things up about Marijuana, because there’s this stigma against it. It’s natural. It’s a plant and not some drug that was made in a lab or on the streets. It’s the safest recreational drug you could use meaning that it is safer than alcohol and cigarettes. Yes, smoke inhalation is bad for your health, but remember, you can always vape marijuana. This plant is prescribed by doctors and is way safer than using painkillers, because individuals that use it can’t get addicted to it like they could with painkillers. My opinion is to not judge people who use it, because it is a legit medicine. I had to clear that up before I started posting the marijuana apps. But I’m not suggesting young people use it, not at all unless prescribed by a physician and I’m not saying you should smoke it recreationally either, but I just want to let people know that it isn’t as bad as they make it seem if you want to do comparisons. If you have a green thumb and need a game to play then these are the games to play, that’s all I’m saying. Now let’s move on to the games.

Wiz Khalifa has a weed farm game but I haven’t played it yet. Well, I haven’t had the chance to play any of the weed dispensary games except Hempire. It can be addictive, but I stopped playing it, because for one, I got busy doing more important things, and for two, it took too much space on my phone. But you better believe I will download it again when I get a better phone with more space. Well anyway, let’s continue. There is Weed Farm Tycoon: Ganja Paradise, Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon, and 70s stars Cheech and Chong have an idle bud farm marijuana game too. I just named a few but there are several more in the app store that you can explore as well. 

Well, that’s all I have for now about dispensary gaming. Make sure you come back and see me so I can talk your ear off about another subject.

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