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I thought I was done for today when I posted that last blog post, but I was compelled to come back and do it again! Some days I knock a couple blog posts out, and I have days where I don’t do any blogging at all. It’s terrible, because I would like this to be my full-time job one day, so the faster I knock these pages out, the faster I can make this my career instead of my hobby. In SEO, the more pages you have, the better, among other things that you must do to make blogging your career. If anyone comes across my blog with SEO or blogging experience, please hit my comments with some advice for me and my followers. Any content that you like to add would greatly help the general public and myself. Anyway, enough about that. Lets get to this server invite that will lead you to my giveaway channel.

I just would like to let you all know that I have a gaming Discord server, even though I’m not really a hardcore gamer. Discord is known to be where the gamers build gaming communities, but people also use Discord for other things. I just like to chat at times, so I have different channels within my server, not just for gaming, but a general chat as well. And best of all, I have added a giveaway channel for the members of my server to win gift cards, kicks, and apparel. I’ll try to launch the giveaway in 2021, so in the meantime, please join my server to get ready for that, and if you can, post something interesting to contribute to my chat server. Remember to come back for the giveaways. Discord has a mobile app and a desktop app, just so you know. Here is an invite to my Discord server

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