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Hey it’s me again, of course. I’m here to talk about some website cryptocurrency widgets.

Do you have a website or blog that’s boring and you would like to put a little life into it so it will interest people to come back to visit more often? Especially if you mostly talk about cryptocurrencies on your site or blog. This is something I am about to do right now to add value or some new life into my blog. I’m going to embed some widgets into this page so that people into crypto, whenever they need to convert their currencies, will come back to this page and do so every single time. Embed the code.

Also, for website owners, I would like to talk about embedding a Twitter aggregator into your website or blog. With this, you can add a timeline of relevant content that will closely relate to the content that you have on the website page you’ll place the Twitter timeline on. You can make different timelines in Twitter by using the list feature in the Twitter app or desktop site. You can make a timeline of all cryptocurrency accounts or use the cryptocurrency hashtag. After you create your timelines or figure out what hashtags you want to use for your website then you can choose a Twitter aggregator service to use. I’ll list them below. Before you purchase a service, I’ll advise you to try the free versions first. How to embed a timeline using Twitter.

That’s all I have for you for right now. I hope the tools I’ve mentioned on this page can be of some much needed help for your blog or website.

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