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Hey you all. I’m here. Present. About to give you a present which is me blogging for you. Let me stop and be humble. I was playing. I’m not really anything special. But anyway, I’m about to talk about two essentials I think you must have for your mobile phone devices. The operative words are “I think” so if you don’t think so, don’t have a fit and poop in your draws. This is my diary and public blog rolled into one, so what do you expect? I’m not trying to get an attitude, just rambling to get a reaction. Not so much a negative one but just a reaction. Like facial expression reactions which I might not be able to ever see. If you would like to send me videos of your facial reactions to my blog posts then do so. I’ll post them in another blog post. But any way, back to these two essentials. There’s one that’s about phone security and one about ringtones which are a thing of the past because they are so rude, but let me use “I think” on you again and tell you why I think ringtones are essential later on after I touch on this phone security app.

Have you ever wanted to catch people that snoop in your phone? Well there’s this app called Who Touched My Phone? It’s a great way to test your family or friends. Find out who your real friends and family are and then act accordingly after you leave your phone laying around near them while you’re away. You could probably even get someone prosecuted if they cracked the code and got a hold of some financial information or any other type of information, maybe. Get this app asap and test the people that say they’ve got your back.

Now on to ringtones. Let me tell you why ringtones can be essential. Ringtones can be funny if you find the right ones. Laughter keeps you young and healthy. Foreal. People need laughter to keep their spirits up. When your spirits are down, your immune system can become weaker, so ringtones are essential, but make sure you remember to turn them off at school, work, or public places to not be rude. But if you have buddies and you know they are cool and they wouldn’t mind, then go over their house and turn it on or if they hang at your house then turn it on. Tell them to call you so they can get some laughs in too. All I can say is get some ringtones in your life!

Lil Ron Ron Ringtones

Coronavirus Hotline by The Chris Top Program

It’s The Wife by Trevor Peacock

Phone Check, Pt 2 by Funny Bull Quill

Do Not Answer It’s Him by The Man With The Voice

That’s all I have for you right now. If you would like to check out more comedy ringtones on Tuunes then go ahead. I haven’t checked them all out yet, so there might be quite a few I haven’t listed that I might think are funny too. So have a field day on that site. I’m out!

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