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I’m not really a boot wearer but I like to look at boot fashion, and I seen some boots for men that is making me want to buy some this winter. It seems like people have forgotten about Converse while they worship Adidas and Nike. I feel like I’m forgetting one more brand. Maybe it will come to my mind later on, but I know you get what I’m trying to say. It’s time to reunite with Mr. Chuck Taylor because he’s been showing out lately. The boots I’m about to talk about are called the Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star. They come in brown with a white sole, all black, and black with a white sole. These boots are waterproof so I’m loving that and the look of the boot is cool and classic. I think these would be pieces of fashion that would be in style for years to come. Like I said before, classics. They kinda look like classic Chucks but they are boots so they look more heavier than the cloth sneakers. They have diamond shaped stitching on the tongues of the boots which add a little flair and flavor. I’d suggest you go take a visit to the Converse website and hit buy, but hurry before they are all gone.

Let me talk about Timberland for this 2020 winter season. They have the Heritage EK+ for $220 so you know they are fire. It has camo at the top of the boot with a green rolled down fabric, and the rest of the boot is brown, then the sole of the boot is green, white, brown, and black. I love hip hop and these would go great with hip hop fashion. Timberland in the past has been known to have fashion that hip hoppers love, especially the cats in New York. I heard the urban people of New York wear Timberlands in the summer. These are definitely some classic boots. Get them before they are gone.

Well that’s the end of my boot rant for today. I’ll come back and talk more boot and shoe fashion some other time. Just make sure you come back or check back often so you won’t miss out on the cool items I talk about.

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