Coke x Bape Collaboration
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Coke x Bape Collaboration

Hey you guys. I’m back! Here to talk to you until you fall asleep. And when you’re knocked out or nodding off, I’ll still be talking your unconscious ear off. No, I’m just playing. I’m not going to talk that long. I’m here to talk about a recent Coke x Bape Collaboration and what each company has going on outside of their fashion collab.

I don’t know what the Bape stores have going on outside the USA, but the Bape US site is selling products which feature Coca Cola on them or Coke. In the Coke x Bape fashion Collaboration there are hoodies, hats, T-shirts, shorts, kicks, and socks. They have either the Bathing Ape or Milo on their collaboration with Coke. This collab is selling out fast. It’s great for people who collect fashion apparel.

I want to mention Bape is trying to get into electronics with their branded headphones and earbuds for music listening, I guess. They have teamed up with Master & Dynamic for another recent collaboration. The Bape x Master & Dynamic collaboration is of the limited edition type, which will also make great collectors items. And also Bape has had collaborations with Coach, which I noticed this while I was browsing the Trophy Room Store, which is a store that sells urban wear and kicks as well.

Bape x Master & Dynamic Collaboration

Sometimes I do love a Coca Cola to drink on a hot summer day with some savory takeout, but Coke really has delved into fashion lately, and on one of their sites they sell Coke apparel, which is not limited to collaborations. They also sell apparel with only the Coke name printed on their clothing merchandise at their Coke Store website.

Now I will be off, and will go sip on my fizzy drink. No disrespect to Coke, because what I’m drinking is not Coke. I’m going to go get an ice cold Mountain Dew from my fridge. I do love Coke too, but this time I had a taste for Mt. Dew. Sorry not sorry. Bye now!

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