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Good evening my friends. Today, I am going to talk about smartphones, because smartphones have become our babies. People love their phones so much that they will have a fit or even cry if they lose or damage them. People even love to dress them up nice in cool cases and have a case for various occasions. Smartphones are our lives, because very important data is stored on them from their users and some are very expensive. Not only is important data stored, but it’s our way of communicating to our friends, family, and the world when you can’t physically be there to talk to them. Well today, I am going to talk about Blu and Blackberry.

Blu is a brand I’ve had before and I loved it. I had gotten a cheap phone from them that was under $150 and I think it did its job for the price. I like the fact that it was sturdy and had substance. It didn’t feel extremely light weight like it was built with cheap materials. I even put it to the test when I wasn’t even trying to. I was extremely upset one day and threw it hard up against my closet door. When I calmed down, I picked it up and it only had two very small scuff marks on the edges that you’d have to look closely to see. The chassis didn’t break at all, and I never got a case for it. After that frenzy it acted the same as before I threw it, so I will always recommend Blu. Now, moving on.

It seems like gaming is a way of life for Americans and is something they can’t live without, so guess what? Blu now has a gaming phone called the Blu G90 Pro for $219. That price may be for a limited time. I’m unsure but as of today as I’m writing it is $219. It runs on Android 10. It comes with a 6.5″ Full HD+ screen, 128GB of internal memory, 4GB Ram, and Blu promises professional grade pics. You can view all the specifications on Amazon where the new Blu G90 Pro is being sold.

For $219, I would cop the Blu G90 Pro for sure. I’m not really a heavy gamer, but I need this for multitasking. The specs are telling me it’s fast, and usually gaming devices have to be fast. For that price I’m in like Flynn. I’m so excited I could say it again.

You all be ready for this Blackberry in 2021. People on other articles are already saying these new Blackberry 5G phones could be global flagship phones. Uh oh Apple. Will they be contending with Apple and Samsung at a high level? I don’t know. We’ll see. I remember when Blackberry seemed like it was in Apple’s position back in the 2000s. If you didn’t have a Blackberry, you wasn’t nothing. It just seemed that way, but I know that’s not true. The smartphone doesn’t make the man, but if you enjoy the luxuries of life then consider. These 2021 Blackberry smartphones will actually have a physical qwerty keyboard and be built with security in mind. Not only does Blackberry want to make this for business and government workers, but also for regular everyday people. Be on the look out for this 5G flagship phone in 2021.

Well that’s all folks. But before I go I would like to let you all know that I’m thinking about purchasing that Blu G90 Pro for myself. Have a nice day!

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