Black Pyramid and AJ 7

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Chris Brown is my boy. I think he’s the best entertainer of this day and time and is currently the King of Pop. I hate to compare artists, but Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop and best entertainer in his time period. We have two kings of Pop in my opinion. Well anyway, I don’t know if some of you all know that Chris Brown has his own fashion line called Black Pyramid Clothing. I love it but I currently don’t own any of his pieces but I plan on getting some in the future. As I’m writing, he currently has on his Official Black Pyramid website two pieces that are cute for girls or women. He has a black and white version but I’m in love with the white piece more, but if I had the money, I’d get both but since I don’t I would buy the white. The piece is called the womens Grand Prix cropped hoody. Also, there’s another Black Pyramid piece that I like, but it’s men’s fashion but I would try and get it in a small and dry it in the dryer to see if it would shrink a little bit. It has pink in it, so I guess men are wearing pink again. It’s called Logo Splits Ss Hoody and it has pastel colors of pink, blue, and yellow, but it’s not being sold on the Official Black Pyramid site but on DrJays website for $39.99 as I am writing. Now let’s move on to the next thing which is the AJ 7 SE Retros.

It seems like everybody loves Jordans. They just have to have them no matter how many times they reproduce a model and colorway but there’s a new colorway of the Air Jordan 7 Retro SE which is called H2.0 and it’s inspired by rabbit feet for this upcoming Spring. It has a grey rabbit fur texture with a pink tongue and pink accents on the side with white on the bottom. This might be a Trophy Room exclusive but I’m not one hundred percent positive so correct me if I’m wrong in the comment section. The only reason I think this is because I can’t find them anywhere else, not even on the Nike SNKRS app under upcoming or new releases. As I am writing, there are some still available at the Trophy Room Store for $250.

I am not done yet with this blog post. I snuck in a surprise, but unfortunately as I am writing, this product has sold out but maybe one day you’ll be able to find them on Stockx, Goat, Bump, or the Klekt app. It’s another Bape fashion collaboration with Clarks. Its the Bathing Ape x Clarks Wallabee Boots M2. It has two versions. One version is light pink at the top and tongue with dark green camo on the sides and the other version is light green on the tongue and top and dark green camo on the sides. Personally, it’s not my style but I posted them because if they are sold out already, they’re a big deal to a lot of people.

Not done yet. Bape has another fashion collaboration right now with Swatch. It’s a watch. The colors come in black, gray, and white and white is the only one that hasn’t sold out yet so hurry.

Now I’m done so you all can get on with your day. You say finally, huh?

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