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Some people would like to start their own business but can’t because they are unable to obtain the start up money to get it going. Now they are able to fulfill their dreams part way with mobile business games like the game I’m about to talk about today, which is downloadable in the app store. I hope today I was able to find you a quick, fun gaming app that you will be able to enjoy at home or when you have a little downtime at work.

The game is call Used Car Dealer Tycoon. This game is great for those that get bored and/or have short attention spans. I came to that conclusion, because several people that have written reviews have said that the game play ends after a few days or a couple weeks depending on how long you play it each day. Also, be on the look out for another dealership game from this developer, because the people in the reviews were pushing and proding the developer to add more to the game to make it longer, so for those of you that like long games, make sure you check back or check out some other games the developer has right now.

I’ve never wanted to be a car salesman, but if I had the time, I’d definitely try this game out to see how I like it. The graphics look cute and inviting, and that’s another thing that would make me want to play it. I love to look at luxury cars and cars that are not so luxury, so I believe this would be a great game for me, because cars are gigantic pieces of art and they are also an escape from home and work life. Just hop in the car and ride to some tunes and just get away.

They have more car dealership apps in the Play Store but I’ll leave that up to you all to find or if I find another decent one sometime in the future, I’ll write about it in a new blog post some other day.

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