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I’m not what you would call a food connoisseur or a true foodie but I’m going to tell you what I do like.

In my lifetime I’ve been to three Mexican restaurants and have had the chance to get Mexican cuisine off a food truck. All the businesses I went to for food were so good and fresh and delish that my mouth watered for it even after I was completely full. My favorite Mexican dish is shrimp, chicken, and steak fajitas. I get it mixed where I get all the meats. I love a fresh burrito, empanadas, and tamales are great too! And their chips and salsa is so superb. Authentic Mexican salsa is brilliant. Never had salsa like Mexican salsa in my life. Mexican chips and salsa have been my go to snack for the Superbowl for several years now. I’m not an expert on Mexican food so that’s all I know for now but I plan on trying more. Not just Mexican cuisine but food of other Latin ethnicities as well.

Now let me talk Taco Bell. I’m so in love with the XXL Burrito but they claim it’s been discontinued unfortunately and I can smash locos tacos supremes all day long. When they decided to collaborate with Doritos, they made an ingenious move, because that shell on the locos taco works wonders for those American made tacos.

Like I said before, I’m no foodie so please comment and let me know what Mexican or Taco Bell cuisines I should try next.

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