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Yes, it is me once again. Today I am going to talk to you about a little kick fashion, because I enjoy looking at kicks. Sneakers are art to me, even though I don’t own a lot of them, but I do like to look and window shop. When I see shoes, I’m kind of like a man when he sees a fine woman walking by. I do the double take when I see some kicks I like. In the future I do plan on adding more fashion to my skimpy closet, because my clothing selection is pretty boring right now. And I give my shoes and clothes rotation a big fat F with a noose around it (No, it’s not racist to say because I’m a black chick, by the way). I haven’t really been shopping for clothes and shoes lately, because I would love to lose weight, then shop for clothes and shoes. I don’t want to buy new clothes if I plan on losing a ton of weight. What sense does that make?

Today it’s July 11, 2020 which is the day the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG (Smoke Grey) was released. They were released during Covid 19 and still sold out so I’m in disbelief, because I’m thinking people would be saving money during these tragic times instead of buying kicks. I love the colorway, but I will pass on this one folks due to the fact that I have no money to buy them. I have money, but not for that. Not that they’re not important, but I have other things that are more important than fashion that I must take care of monetarily right now.

Also let me speak on a previous release that came out not too long ago that I really would like to have and might purchase later on from someone who flips new sneakers. These sneakers are the Air Trainer 3’s and the colorway is called Viotech. This colorway has so much personality, that’s why I instantly fell in love with them. Purple and yellow. How could you not like it. Kobe Bryant is all in that. Rest in peace to my boy Kobe. Well anyway, I would like to wear these to the fair and get me a fit to match them. Unfortunately, this year, the fair was cancelled gosh darn it! But I didn’t have the cash for them anyway. Covid 19 has messed up a lot of plans for people. The fair is what I look forward to going to every year and now this very annoying and deadly virus got us sitting at home scratching and picking our faces out of boredom. Well, I can’t speak for everybody, but that’s exactly what I do everyday.

By the way, the “American Dream” shirt (Yellow) On the MixUnit website is a shirt that matches those Air Trainer 3 Viotech kicks. You have to pick a color that matches, because the default image is of a black shirt. Well, I’m done for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with another fashion blog post.

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