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I know you all are saying I need to be kicked in my shins, because I barely buy from the clearance rack or get the on sale items. With me, it’s about convenience and high demand. Searching on the clearance rack for your size of a particular article of clothing is disappointing when you can’t find your size and you really want that item. That’s why I love new arrivals, because if you get to them before everyone else, you can buy cool items that haven’t been picked over. You can be one of the first to get a high demand item. Now, that doesn’t work with some releases of sneakers though. They could release something, and in 5 minutes be sold out, but I find that usually with clothes you have more time, within a few days of arrival, to buy the high demand items. I haven’t been shopping lately, but when I do, I always frequent the “New Arrival” sections of the websites I shop at. I know new arrivals are expensive, but I want to get what I want. There are gifted people that know how to put things together from the clearance racks, and make themselves look like their first name is fashion, but I’m not one of those people, so I’ll stick with the new arrivals for now.

Below, I will show you what kind of fashion I enjoy looking at, but before I post some videos of the fashion I like, I would like to talk about one stop shopping and the places that I love to get my clothing.

Sometimes people don’t like to go to multiple places to shop. Some individuals like to go to stores that sell multiple brands, and that sell different types of clothing products. One place I love is Eastbay. It seems like they have everything. Lots of sporting brands. So does Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I love Burlington Coat Factory, which has fabulous coats and other clothing essentials. And I love Dr. Jays, because they have name brands and very decent off brands as well. Also, if you hate looking at products online, Eastbay usually has a physical catalog they can mail you, so see if you can request one. Usually, if you buy something online from Eastbay, they’ll start sending you catalogs.

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