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Ha ha ha ha! … You all are probably wondering what I’m laughing at. Well, it’s that cat Slobby Robby of the Netflix series Slobby’s World. I love his fun personality and style. When it comes to fashion he does his own thing. He’s unique and I love that. Also, he has introduced me to a premium brand, MCM, which I knew nothing about prior to watching his show. Maybe because I’m lower middle class and I’m not supposed to know of this kind of brand since their backpacks can run around $700 or higher. Who in the lower middle class buys backpacks over $100. Not me, but there might be someone in my same class that might, I don’t know. So for now just know that I’m a fan of MCM and not a customer, but maybe one day my head might accidentally run straight into a wall, and then right after, I’ll purchase one. Oh, and you can purchase MCM bags at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s as well.

Yes, I know Slobby Robby has a potty mouth, and yes I call myself a Christian, but I’m growing everyday and getting farther away from watching shows with profanity. I don’t watch TV that often and that’s why, to be pleasing to the Lord. I’m not judging Slobby Robby, but some people might wonder why I’ve watched it, since I claim to be a Christian. But when I watched his show in 2018 he really did turn me on to a few cool things.

I’m itching to tell you all that my favorite bag of MCM in 2020 is the 1976 Roll Top Backpack in Visetos. But I guess you all already knew that, because this specific bag is named in the title of this post. Right, I’m no fun. This post was a complete spoiler. I hate myself right now, but I’m going to keep it as is. Hopefully, down the road I won’t do too many of these spoilers, because if I keep that up, you guys won’t read what I have to say. You’ll just abandon me because I party poop, and I don’t scoop. I’ll just leave the poop, just like I did in this post, and I know you all will not continue to have that. You all will be like “I can’t go for that” like Hall and Oates.

I just want to say, when you wear these premium brands to make fashion statements, make sure you’re not in high crime areas, because there are people that will kill for fashion, and it’s a shame. I know people would like to look fresh or dapper, but taking a human life for it is ridiculous, but people have done this. People have actually killed other people for a pair of Jordan shoes, so if you have on MCM don’t be a walking lick and subject yourself to gun violence or any type of other deadly violence. Make sure you know where you’re going when you want to fashionably show out or stunt.

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