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You don’t know me.. Of course you don’t. I know you don’t, but this is a good time to get to know me. Just check out my blog aka my public diary for my thoughts, informative information, and my experiences through life. I can talk all day, but the good thing about having a blog is that my readers can come to gain entry into my mind, then when they’ve had enough of me they can disengage whenever they want without coming off rude and I don’t have to be rude by talking them too death and making them stand there and listen. I can talk music, sports, travel, entertainment, finance, fashion, gaming, food, cryptocurrency or whatever is on my mind. I can talk most subjects, not every subject though. Keep your eyes glued because I have more headed your way and I’ll try and make that promise for the duration of my existence. I’ll try…

The purpose of this website is to provide SEO for various websites, for the public to learn about different topics, to inform people about what’s going on in this world, and to educate people about services and products. The Gyrl Hush Blog was mainly created for SEO purposes for websites that are travel related, have to do with food and restaurants, gaming, and sites that sell or talk about fashion. There are other categories that I touch on but the ones I just listed are going to be my main focus. I have a blog and a directory on this website, so if you need a backlink in my directory or on one of my blog posts then email me at the email provided on my directory page.

My online SEO directory is located in my site menu. Below I will list my blog category tags:

app (5) BLM (2) covid 19 (4) cryptocurrency (4) entertainment (1) fashion (9) finance (3) food (5) gaming (9) gyrl hush blog (4) kicks (10) mobile phones (2) music (2) sports (3) travel (8)